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The Royal Wulff Murders

A clever and fast-paced murder mystery full of wit, suspense, and fly fishing.

When a fishing guide reels in the body of a young man on the Madison, the Holy Grail of Montana trout rivers, Sheriff Martha Ettinger suspects foul play. It’s not just the stick jammed into the man’s eye that draws her attention; it’s the Royal Wulff trout fly stuck in his bloated lower lip. Following her instincts, Ettinger soon finds herself crossing paths with Montana newcomer Sean Stranahan.

Fly fisher, painter, and has-been private detective, Stranahan left a failed marriage and lackluster career to drive to Montana, where he lives in an art studio decorated with fly-tying feathers and mouse droppings. With more luck catching fish than clients, Stranahan is completely captivated when Southern siren Velvet Lafayette walks into his life, intent on hiring his services to find her missing brother. The clues lead Stranahan and Ettinger back to Montana’s Big Business: fly fishing. Where there’s money, there’s bound to be crime.

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L.L. Bean Family Camping Handbook

The L.L. Bean Family Camping Handbook is the perfect guide for active parents and children who enjoy spending time in the outdoors. Focusing on infants through teenagers, as well as grandparents, noted outdoor writer Keith McCafferty provides all of the essential information needed for a great camping experience. With a gentle, guiding hand, he discusses: camping options, planning a family trip, buying gear and clothing, efficient packing strategies, traveling with children, great cooking ideas, the perfect games and activities for children, the best strategies for coping with night fears, backpacking excursions for the whole family, crucial health and safety measures, and much more.Filled with firsthand experience and invaluable advice, this guide addresses important parental concerns; discusses what you can, and can’t, expect from your children; and offers a plethora of tips for first-timers. Inspired by L.L. Bean’s enduring reputation as a promoter of safe, responsible outdoor activity, this volume also addresses a variety of ways the whole family can enjoy and respect the natural world, from plant and animal identification and star gazing to no-trace camping and building safe fires. Authoritative and complete, The L.L. Bean Family Camping Handbook is the one guide every parent will want to consult before hitting the trail.

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L.L. Bean Hiking and Backpacking Handbook

The L.L. Bean Hiking and Backpacking Handbook is the ultimate beginner’s guide to exploring the great outdoors. Stocked with commonsense advice and an assortment of illuminating, full-color photographs, this volume addresses all the essentials, including packing the appropriate clothing and equipment; choosing the right hike based on topography, destination, and fitness level; navigating in the wilderness; pitching a sound tent; viewing wildlife without risk; animal-proofing the campsite; packing effectively, and more.

With valuable information ranging from no-trace camping to the best health and safety procedures, the L.L. Bean Hiking and Backpacking Handbook will prepare you well for your next adventure in the wild.

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How to Raise a Hunter: Bringing a Boy from the Modern World into the most Primal Wildernes

The Great Gutkoski: This Montana Mountain Man is a Living Lesson in Grits and Guts

River of Lesser Gods: The Possibility of Steelhead–and redemption–in one corner of British Columbia

Forty Miles of Fish on The Smith River: Limestone Walls, Trout, and Not Much Else

The Sea is On Fire: Scenes from a Tarpon Fisherman’s Notebook

A Rocky Mountain Elk Hunt in the Snow


Stone-Age Survival: How to make Emergency Implements in the Field, Cave-man Style

Survival Stories: Attacked by a Grizzly Bear

Survival Stories: Trapped on a Mountain Cliff

Survival Stories: Frozen in the Big Woods

Survival Stories: Lost in a Storm in the Ocean

Survival Stories: How to Survive Being Stranded on an Island

The Face of Danger: How to Stand Up to a Cougar–or Fight if you Have To

Tough Luck: How to Cook the Venison of Tough Old Bucks

Salmonfly Ecstasy: Chase the West’s most Epic Hatch on Six Hot Rivers