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I just recently finished Dead Man’s Fancy and I will just say you keep getting better with each book!  Very enjoyable once again.  Kept me guessing till the end (spoiler alert deleted).  And my oh my, oh my, Martha and Sean!! I like it, just hope it doesn’t mess things up with them! Keep up the good work, anxiously awaiting number 4.
— Brenda 

Really just had to say I just at this moment finished The Gray Ghost Murders, what a treat. I think it leaves [writer’s name deleted to protect the innocent] in the dust. One of the best book I have read in years. Continued success and health & happiness to you and yours.
— Michael M

I was at the library yesterday and checked the computer to see if your new book was available. They had many of them–don’t remember the number– but throughout Hillsborough County (Tampa and environs)  they were all checked out….so you have readers in Tampa!! I haven’t read it yet, kinda like putting off a special chocolate covered cherry , and you know when you eat it, it will be over….  Best wishes to you and hope you are pleased with the publication.
— Barbara

I will definitely write a review for all three books! I have also just started tying myself and really enjoy that too when I am not feeling up to cleaning ice out of my guides. I would love a bookmark, as I have been using a Sage bumper sticker! Thanks so much and keep up the great work!
— Rob 

Loved your first 2 books, and just started the third!!! Hope #4 is in the works!!! They help me get through the cold New Hampshire winter when I can’t be fishing!
— Anon

I got your cards and meant to write sooner, but have been having back trouble (as in flat on my back for a week) and haven’t really been able to sit up at the computer much. Just what I need before baseball season starts in full swing, but I’ll get in shape somehow! I hope you are doing well, and I plan to give cards to a couple of fishing buddies of mine who also happen to be mystery readers. Hopefully you can get a couple of sales out of it. I’m going to purchase your Nook version of The Royal Wulff Murders tomorrow, it is much easier to read that way while carting around. (you will understand that comment better in a minute I would guess)

I really enjoyed your bit on the writing process and what mind games one plays with themselves while being “creative.” I’ve been a songwriter for many years and when you dump your heart and soul into something, finally get it where you want it and head home from the studio listening to it in your car, the gremlins somehow put you in a vise of panic gripped self loathing and refuse to let you believe that it doesn’t suck! Then round and round you go until others decide your fate. A painful spot we put ourselves in, isn’t it? I guess the good thing is that it’s usually a lot closer to what you first imagined than what those otherworldly creatures want you to believe it is, though admittedly some do fall flat. I have been thinking about trying to write a book at some point and I think it’s taken me this long, (into my late 50’s) to know enough to actually do it. Yet I’m still not sure I have the courage to try.

I would like to ask a favor, if I may. While I read books on the Nook quite frequently, there is nothing that I like better than actually owning a physical piece of property that I can put my hands on and just look at on occasion. I bought a very nice copy (I think) of The Royal Wulff Murders on-line today and would very much love to have it signed by you. Would you allow me to send it to you when I get it and have you sign it for me? I collect some books, really a rather small group of about 15 authors, and I would like to add you to the mix. You would be on the shelf with Michael Crichton, Lee Child, John Sandford and William Bernhardt of which I have signed copies of everything they ever wrote, and some other authors who I have partial collections of. I’m so possessed, I have acquired  everything Child ever wrote in US, UK and ARC’s and am close to that with Crichton. I need a few more of his ARC’s to complete my collection, though I do have each US and UK 1st impressions of all of his works. I just love the feeling of knowing that great authors have actually held MY book in their hands. Perhaps an acute obsession of sorts? I just don’t know. It started out as an attempt to buy and sell enough books to have every Sandford 1st edition/1st impression signed and in my hands without breaking the bank and has morphed into some uncontrollable habit akin to heroin addiction I presume. Anyway, let me know if that is asking too much. If so, just tell me and I will understand. Careful, though, if you say yes you may be asked again in the future! Maybe I can trade you some tickets to a lowly AAA game I am umpiring some day for your trouble, though I have no idea if you are a baseball fan or not.

Anyway, now I’m just babbling. I think the back pain and medication have overtaken my brain, so I shall stop now. Write me back if you have the desire and time. Thanks, Keith.
— Alan

I read about your latest book in Trout-Winter Issue.
I just finished reading The Royal Wulff Murders, couldn’t put it down.  I’m starting The Gray Ghost Murders this afternoon.  I took lessons from Orvis and starting Trout Fishing last summer at Black Earth Creek, Cross Plains, WI.   Since reading your book I am interested in learning to fly-tying.
Really enjoyed your book.
— Barb

I was at the library yesterday and checked the computer to see if your new book was available. They had many of them–don’t remember the number– but throughout Hillsborough County (Tampa and environs)  they were all checked out….so you have readers in Tampa!! I haven’t read it yet , kinda like putting off a special chocolate covered cherry , and you know when you eat it, it will be over….  Best wishes to you and hope you are pleased with the publication.
— Barbara 

Just discovered your book. So excited to have found you.  Keep
writing! You are so good. Engaging characters. Amazing settings.
Can’t-put-the-book-down plots.  Keep writing…I’m almost done with your third
book and want more, lots more.

— Anon

Have read your other books and am in process of enjoying The Gray Ghost Murders (sequence is a problem for me as you are aware). Will be waiting for next book and further adventures of folks in and around Bridger.
— Bob

Hi Keith.  I am about one third of the way through The Royal Wulff Murders and am really enjoying it.  I am an avid (did not say good) fly fisherman and live in Hamilton, Montana. My favorite Montana beer is Moose Drool and I went to Ole Miss.  Great connections with your book.  Then I looked at your website and found that you and I grew up in southern Ohio. I lived in the little town of Lucasville just north of Portsmouth.  Were you close to there?  Looking forward to reading your other books.
— Jim

Well, I have begun the third book, and I am enjoying it immensely.  I did write a couple of quick reviews on Amazon for the first 2 books. I think the obsessing over the world and characters that you’ve created is probably what makes for a good book, or series in this case.  If that world and those characters aren’t real to you, then why would your readers buy into them?? After all, isn’t reading fiction mainly an escape or a chance to see life and the world from another perspective?
As I told you in my first email, I work in our local public library, so I have been plugging your books and encouraging readers to give them a try. I have worked there for 20+ years and you get to know patrons and their reading likes, so I have made sure to suggest them to certain people that I think will enjoy them. We have also have a book cart near the circulation desk where we put “Librarian’s Picks” and I have put them on that cart and the first one is checked out now, I added the 2nd one to the cart on Friday.
I too worry about Martha, I like her with Harold, but guess we will see what happens.  I am not too sure I like Sean with the young half-naked barrista, I think he needs a more mature, classy lady!! But I’m sure your men readers like him with her just fine!! That is what makes your books appeal to men and women both, you put in a little something for everyone!
Keep up the good work!
Take care and keep writing,
— Brenda




2 responses to “Reader Comments

  1. Kelly

    Keith, Thank you for coming to Arizona to talk about your books – I can’t wait to read them now!! I’ve never been to Montana but have always wanted to take a camping trip up that way – maybe this will entice me. 🙂
    Thanks Again!!

  2. Eileen

    Buffalo Jump Blues. pg 249 Joseph was used when I think you meant John… There were several other times where the J’s got mixed up. Perhaps next time use dissimilar names so editors pick up the errors. Other than that, great books.. Would love to see Number of series on cover to make it easier to read in sequence.

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