Gallery 1: Fishing for steelhead on the Deschuttes and John Day Rivers in 2011 with my son Tom and my brother Kevin.

All above photos © Thomas McCafferty

2 responses to “Photos

  1. Dave Roberson

    just finished your Article in Field & Stream June-July this year “The Wishing Tree” many parts of the story took me back to my child hood fishing the river in the Tennessee foothills. You have a new fan. I look forward to reading all your books Thanks for bringing many childhood memories back to life for me.

  2. I heard about your book from my son, who’s wife was reading and I have loved the whole series! Being raised in Montana, I have been to many of the places in your books and recognize certain places, O Hara Manor with the Mermaid window! Hoping you have another few books in you!!

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