Win a copy of The Royal Wulff Murders! is holding a contest to give away two copies of The Royal Wulff Muders. All entries due before February 29th.  Click here to enter. You can read their awesome review of the book here.



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3 responses to “Win a copy of The Royal Wulff Murders!

  1. Enjoyed the book..I read alot of mysteries. One question…why set in Bridger, which is nowhere close to the Madison? I live in Cody, Wy, and would have preferred to picture all scenes in the right location. Just curious… I will still read any future books if this will be a series. Thanks

  2. Keith McCafferty

    Hi Leslie and thanks for your interest. I decided to invent a town named Bridger in the shadow of the actual Bridger Mountains, in sort of a hybridized blending of Madison and Gallatin Counties called Hyalite County. By fictionalizing my setting insead of paying strict attention to accuracy, the book isn’t dated the moment it is published, the characters and events forever frozen in history. So while some places have a regional counterpart (for example, the Bridger Mountain Cultural Center is actually the Emerson Cultural Center in Bozeman), other locales are strictly invented. I’m glad you enjoyed the book and hope to hear from you again. Keith

  3. Steve Fucile

    hi there, Keith. Maybe we could trade books?
    Steve – author
    “Casting for Ghosts” (a Madison River fly fishing mystery).

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