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The author ties on a fly on the Madison River in 2009, about sixty miles north of where a body turns up in The Royal Wulff Murders.

My son and web editor Tom keeps bugging me for a real blog post, which will be coming soon. In the meantime, however, I wanted to link to a few tidbits that have come up on the publicity trail, which has been rather foreign though interesting to me. I’ve had the honor in the past couple weeks of doing my first TV interview, which was with NBC affiliate KECI-TV in Missoula, and also of being interviewed for my hometown paper The Bozeman Daily Chronicle.



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3 responses to “Local News Updates

  1. Tom

    Just finished reading Royal Wulff Murders,enjoyed it very much.Is this the first of a series or a stand alone.When is your next book coming out.What fishing I do is in South Arm, ME where Carrie Stevens first tied tha Grey Ghost.

    • Keith McCafferty

      Hi Tom, Thanks for your interest. The second book in the series will be published in hardcover next February, at the same time as The Royal Wulff Murders comes out in paperback. I am already at work on the third novel and most of the characters will appear in all the books. I have fished some for both landlocked salmon and smallmouth bass in far eastern Maine, but many years ago now. I just got back from steelhead fishing with my son yesterday. No fish, lots of rain, but a good time. Stay in touch. Keith

  2. Claudia Marsh

    I’m so glad to hear that another book or two are on the way.Loved this one from the start and was sad to finish it. I was hooked from paged one!Thanks for the pleasure of the good read.Claudia

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