Tying a Grey Ghost Fly

Learn how to tie the Grey Ghost, the fly for which my second novel The Grey Ghost Murders is named. A historical and beautiful pattern… Click on the images below that link to videos.

gray ghost fly tying 1 gray ghost fly tying 2 gray ghost fly tying 3


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One response to “Tying a Grey Ghost Fly

  1. Genie Duggan

    Enjoyed watching you build the gray ghost. Also, along with voting on the next book fly- you should have a contest to win both the redhead and the other one you come up with. I would LOVE to have them.

    It appears I’m going to be a big fan of yours. I just read thru all your books since last week. Devoured them. And now . . . I’m bereft because I have to wait for the new one. You’re going to have to write faster. Maybe two at one time? Have you written today?? Hunnnhh? Get a cup of coffee and go to your desk. Seriously.

    I guess I’ll go read something else while I wait. I’ll just have to wait to see what’s happening on the river.
    Genie Duggan

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